New Technical Assistance Guide

New Technical Assistance Guide: CHW Work in Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs

This tool provides guidance for states implementing the following intervention under State Public Health Actions (1305).

  • Increase the engagement of Community Health Workers (CHWs) in the delivery and support of Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) programs (Domain 4, Strategy 3, Intervention 1)

The tool identifies three key drivers that are critical in the implementation of this intervention;

  1. Stakeholder awareness of potential CHW roles in DSME programs,
  2. DSME program readiness to engage CHWs, and
  3. CHW sustainability in DSME programs

It also highlights activities grantees can do to work on each driver and achieve progress on the performance measures for the intervention.  Please follow up with your Project Officer to discuss the TA Guide in more detail.

The CDC released a report on Hispanic health including risks and recommendations. The report is called A la Buena Salud! – To Good Health! One recommendation is to engage CHWs. The link below will take you to the infographics.

CHW of Nevada