Unity Conference Scholarship FAQ

1. Who is eligible for the scholarship?

To be eligible for the Unity Conference 2019 scholarship through the Nevada Community Health Worker Association you must:

  • Serve in a Community Health Worker role
  • Live and work/volunteer in Nevada
  • Have a financial hardship for attending the conference

2. How do I apply for the scholarship?

To apply for the scholarship, complete this form: goo.gl/forms/oXI2BAQAVTu07qp73

3. If I applied for the scholarship and otherwise cannot pay for the conference, should I still submit conference registration?

No. Payment is due at the time of registration whether you complete the online form on the Unity Conference website or mail in registration. If you are selected for the scholarship, NvCHWA will pay for and submit your registration.

4. Where do I get information about the Unity Conference?

We recommended checking the Unity Conference website or Facebook page for information about the Unity Conference. The Unity Conference is organized by Dr. Susan Mayfield-Johnson and if the website/Facebook don’t have the answers you’re looking for you can email her at susan.johnson@usm.edu for conference specific questions.

The scholarship to the Unity Conference is an opportunity offered by the Nevada Community Health Worker Association for CHWs living and working/volunteering in Nevada who couldn’t otherwise afford to attend. For information about the scholarship email Kayla Valy at nvchwa@gmail.com.

5. What is the scholarship application timeline?

The deadline for the scholarship application is Thursday, February 28th. Folx have until 5pm on February 28th to submit their applications. The next day our selection team will review the applications and select the scholarship recipients. The selected recipients will be notified by email on Monday, March 3rd by close of business. The email will be coming from nvchwa@gmail.com

6. What costs will the scholarship cover?

The scholarship will not cover every expense. The scholarship will be available to cover some of the travel, flight and conference registration. Selected recipients will receive full details on what will be covered by their scholarship after they are selected.

7. When and how will I be notified if my application was accepted?

The selected recipients will be notified by email on Monday, March 3rd by close of business. The email will be coming from nvchwa@gmail.com

8. Will everyone who applies receive the scholarship?

No. Everyone who applied will not receive the scholarship. NvCHWA only has $5,000 available for the scholarship. Within the first week of posting the scholarship opportunity, we received more applications than funding would allow us to support. We will likely fund between 5 – 20 CHWs.

9. If I am selected to receive the scholarship, do I need to pay upfront?

Final details are still being worked out with our finance department but the tentative plan is to have NvCHWA pay upfront for those selected as a scholarship recipients. Since scholarship recipients will be those who couldn’t otherwise pay, we are trying to not require upfront payment, however, details are still to be determined.

10. Where do I email my scholarship questions?

Email scholarship questions to Kayla Valy at nvchwa@gmail.com. Kayla is not responsible for the conference and cannot officially answer conference questions.

Email questions about the Unity Conference to Dr. Susan Mayfield-Johnson at susan.johnson@usm.edu. Susan is not responsible for the scholarship and cannot officially answer scholarship questions.

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